Kaohsiung - Taichung - Nantou - Taipei - Taoyuan (4 star hotel)

Vietravel Kaohsiung - Taichung - Nantou - Taipei - Taoyuan (4 star hotel) Cao Hùng - Đài Trung - Nam Đầu - Đài Bắc - Đào Viên (Tham quan Làng Cửu Phần, Phố cổ Thập Phần) NNSGN450-021-021020CI-D Cao Hùng - Đài Trung - Nam Đầu - Đài Bắc - Đào Viên (Tham quan Làng Cửu Phần, Phố cổ Thập Phần) 4.39 5 398 17990000 17990000 9 VND
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6 Days
Place of departure:
Ho Chi Minh City
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With the perfect perspective of the modern - dynamic - youthful characteristics combined with the charm and sophistication of place names on the island , Taiwan always has an irresistible attraction. Travelling to Taiwan with Vietravel in the journey to the cities of Kaohsiung, Nantou, Taichung, Taipei, etc, tourists will have the chance see at firsthand gold Fo Guang Shan Buddha and Buddha Amitabha with height of 120 meters, yacht on poetic Sun Moon lake, visit Wen Wu Temple, Taipei 101 tower, and visit the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial and the National Museum - one of the world's largest museum, etc and many more exciting surprises from nature, culture and Taiwan cuisine which are awaiting tourists to discover with Vietravel.
Days 01

marker   HO CHI MINH CITY - KAOHSIUNG (Dinner)

The coach and Vietravel's tour guide will meet you at 190 Pasteur, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. Depart to Tan Son Nhat airport to take flight to Kaohsiung - The second largest city in Taiwan. As arrival, the coach and our local guide welcome at the airport, and transfers you to hotel to check in and have dinner. After you visit Love River or known as Kaohsiung Cannal, a romantic place, especially at sunrise or sunset. Continously explore Liuhe Night Market - extremely animated and crowded with all kinds of items such as clothing, camera, fashion accessories, crafts and fine arts, in addition to food stalls for visitors to enjoy Taiwanese cuisine. Stay overnight in Kaohsiung.

Days 02

marker   KAOHSIUNG (Three meals)

After having breakfast, the delegation begin to explore Kaohsiung with the beautiful scenes, such as Fo Guang Shan - which is considered the “Taiwan’s Buddhism capital”, the most famous Buddhism holy land with grandiose architecture style. Enjoy the Buddha Amitabha statue in gold and 3 m in height, and 480 statues standing around. To Lotus Lake, Spring and Autumn Temple, the delegation enjoy magnificent views over the lake and visit the temples with very bright and eye-catching colors such as Spring and Autumn Temple, Dragon Tiger Temple, Confucius Temple, and other many big statues. Visit and go shopping at Precious stone stores and Dream Mall - one of largest shopping centers in Taiwan. You can find a lot of famous brands of fashion, food, jewelery, accessories, shoes here. Stay overnight in Kaohsiung.

Days 03

marker   TAI CHUNG - SUN MOON LAKE - TAICHUNG (Three meals)

Have breakfast and check out. Start the trip to explore Nantou City. As arrival, you visit and row at the Sun Moon Lake - the largest natural one in Taiwan, including a big and a small lake adjacent, surrounded by some green mountains used to be like the best resorts of Chiang Kai-shek president. Visit Wen Wu Temple - located at the north of Sun Moon Lake with the red lion statue in front of the main gate, Wen Temple worships Confucius and his two students, namely Mencius and Zihsih, while Wu Temple worships Guan Wu and Yue Fei - patriot famous general of Song dynastic. After that, continue to visit green tea farm where produces famous kinds of tea, such as Oolong Tea,... and enjoy good cups of tea. Have dinner and get rest at the hotel. Go to TaiChung - the third largest city in Taiwan, where has all year mild climate with average temperature of 230C. Visit and walk Feng Jia Night Market with various kinds of goods, reasonable price, and enjoy local cuisines... Enjoy dinner and stay overnight at Taichung.

Days 04

marker   TAICHUNG - TAIPEI (Three meals)

Have breakfast and check out hotel, the delegation visit Jiufen Culture Village - a unique ancient village in Taiwan, with position of “standing against the mountain and view the sea”. This village has retained its ancient architecture, together with the style of living, distinct local food culture and the beautiful landscape that become an attractive destination in Taiwan. The delegation visit and have lunch here. And then, visit Shifen Old Street - having 10 households live here. You visit the most famous places in this peaceful town, namely Shifen waterfall and Shifen Old Street by old raiway route. Then the delegation manually write prayers and light candles to lanterns to fly the sky for purpose of praying health, fortune and peace to you and your family. Come back Taipei, check in the hotel.

Days 05

marker   TAIPEI (Three meals)

After having breakfast, the delegation visit the National Palace Museum - where has the world's most largest collection of nearly 690,000 pieces of ancient Chinese imperial artifacts and artworks collected by four China's royal dynasties: Song - Yuan - Ming - Qing. Visit Peitou hot springs, to jewelry and pixiu stores. After that the coach takes you to visit Taipei 101 tower - 101 floors that was considered as the world's highest building until Dubai Burj Khalifa tower, with height of 828m takes this position in January 2010 (tower cost need to be paid by yourself). At afternoon, the delegation visit Long Shan Temple - a pagoda with ancient architectural style with beautiful dragon carvings on the columns and on the roof of the pagoda. There are a lot of pilgrims to visit the pagoda every year. At night, free at leisure and go shopping atXi Men Ting. Have dinner at local restaurant and stay overnight in Taipei.

Days 06

marker   TAIPEI - TAOYUAN AIRPORT - HO CHI MINH CITY (Breakfast, lunch)

Have breakfast and check out. Visit the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall - this structure aims to show respect for one of the most powerful leaders of the 20th century. This elegant house is located between 25 hectare gardens and walkways, built from white marble with green title roof on a red background. This tricolor flag symbolizes the national flag and the values of freedom, equality and kindness. The delegation visit and shop at the candy store, departing the Taoyuan airport for flight to Vietnam. As arrival at Tan Son Nhat airport, Vietravel's shuttle bus will pick up and take you the dating place. End the tour.

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