Northwest of Vietnam: Nghia Lo - Tu Le - Mu Cang Chai - Yen Bai - Sapa - Dien Bien - Son La - Moc Chau

Vietravel Northwest of Vietnam: Nghia Lo - Tu Le - Mu Cang Chai - Yen Bai - Sapa - Dien Bien - Son La - Moc Chau Hà Nội - Tây Bắc Mùa Lúa Chín: Đền Hùng - Nghĩa Lộ - Tú Lệ - Mù Cang Chải - Yên Bái - Sapa - Điện Biên - Sơn La - Mộc Châu - Việt Nam Dưới Cánh Chim Bay NDSGN172-023-040920VN-V Hà Nội - Tây Bắc Mùa Lúa Chín: Đền Hùng - Nghĩa Lộ - Tú Lệ - Mù Cang Chải - Yên Bái - Sapa - Điện Biên - Sơn La - Mộc Châu - Việt Nam Dưới Cánh Chim Bay 4.36 5 405 0 0 0 VND
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6 Days
Place of departure:
Ho Chi Minh City
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Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai) appears in the eyes of tourists with enchanting terraced rice paddies, beautiful mountain passes. Like a brilliant mountain girl in the northwestern mountains and forests, Mu Cang Chai attracts tourists with wild, mountainous beauty. Arriving in Mu Cang Chai, you also have the opportunity to learn unique features of Mong ethnic group with friendliness and hospitality.
Days 01

marker   HCM City - Noi Bai Airport (HANOI) - YEN BAI - NGHIA LO (Including lunch and dinner)

Gathering in Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Domestic Terminal), receiving guidance to fulfill procedure of the flight to Hanoi. Arriving at Noi Bai International Airport, starting traveling to Yen Bai. On the way to Yen Bai, visiting: 
- Hung King’s Temple: the place to worship the Hung Kings - who are the first founder of the country, the ancestors of the Vietnamese people, a solemn relic complex on Nghia Linh mountain. Worshiping ancestors, visiting Thuong temple, Trung temple, Ha temple, Gieng Temple, King Hung Tomb.
- In the evening, enjoying Xoe dancing, finding beautiful traditional culture of Thai ethnic
Spending a night in Nghia Lo.
Days 02

marker   NGHIA LO - MU CANG CHAI - SAPA (Including breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

Checking out, going to Mu Cang Chai, passing by: 
- Tu Le, enjoying a faint pleasant smell of “new rice” on the roof, a famous place of sticky rice, dried rice flakes. 
- Khau Pha Pass: the most dangerous and longest pass on National Highway 32 which is listed as one of “four longest passes” with the length of over 30 kilometers.
- Lim Mong Village: a village of Mong people with the most beautiful paddles in Mu Cang Chai. Being ready to get in a stupor for beauty of the famous terraced rice fields in 3 communes: La Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha và Ze Xu Phinh. Visiting large valleys, corners and rice fields curved and folded along the continuous mountain range.
- In the evening, walking and viewing Stone Church of Sapa, having free time to enjoy highland specialties, such as: Roasted pork, roasted eggs, Docynia wine, chatting with ethnic people
Spending a night in Sapa.
Days 03

marker   SAPA - DONG TIEN SON - LAI CHAU (Including breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

Starting going to Lai Chau, passing by:
- Bac Waterfall
- O Quy Ho Pass: In between Lao Cai and Lai Chau, the pass meandering along Hoang Lien mountain range and also called Sky Gate, one of “four longest passes” in the East of Tay Bac.
- Conquering majestic Fansipan mountain with cable (paid by guest) - named as “the roof of Dong Duong” at the height of 3,143 meters. Besides, at departure terminal, visiting Trinh Pagoda or wishing wealth and peace to family at Ha Pagoda in departure terminal. 
- Tien Son Cave: with marvelous colored veins in various shapes. The feature is cave bed with a clear stream passing by, meandering along the cave through four seasons. 
Spending a night in Lai Chau.
Days 04

marker   LAI CHAU - DIEN BIEN (Including breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

Starting going to Dien Bien:
- On the way, enjoying the beauty of Tay Bac mountains along Nam Na river and the wetland due to raised water from the damp of Son La Hydropower Plant at the junction of the three rivers including: Da river, Nam Na river and Nam Rom river. 
- Dien Bien Phu Museum: Built in 1984 on vacation of 30 years of the historic victory of Dien Bien Phu .
- A1 Hill and Cementary: Visiting A1 Hill, bunker of General de Castries. 
Spending a night in Dien Bien. 
Days 05

marker   DIEN BIEN - SON LA - MOC CHAU – HAPPY LAND RESORT (Including breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Starting going to Moc Chau - Son La, visiting: 
- Pha Din Pass: Also one of the “four longest passes” in the East of Tay Bac and listed as one of the six most impressive passes in Vietnam. 
- Happy Land Moc Chau Resort: Laying in a large valley in Lun village, surrounding with white mountain slopes, and along its downstream there is Sap stream running from Laos with clean and clear water, etc. All of things create a beautiful and enchanting landscape.
- Moc Chau Tea Plantation: Tea fields along the hills look like greenish terraced rice fields stretching endlessly. 
- Specialties produced from famous fresh milk of Moc Chau’s cows, which could be very good as gifts. 
Spending a night in Moc Chau. 
Days 06

marker   MOC CHAU – MAI CHAU (LAC VILLAGE) - NOI BAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (HANOI) (Including breakfast and lunch)

Starting going to Hoa Binh, visiting:
-     Lac Village in Mai Chau - Understanding stilt houses, traditions, home stay style of Thai people here
Taking lunch in Hoa Binh. Then, going back to Noi Bai International Airport to take a flight to Ho Chi Minh City. Saying goodbye and closing the tour at Tan Son Nhat International Airport.
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